5 Watts Border Patrol Shortwave SSB radio

5 Watts Border Patrol Shortwave SSB radio Was developed by Hainan BaoTong Corporate around 2000. It is to provide a lightweight easy-to-operate radio for border patrol troops. The system consists of a radio body, a battery box, a 2.4 meter antenna, a 15 meter wire antenna, a headset and/or handset, a moss code key, a carrying backpack and a battery charge station. 

The radio is a short wave radio operates under either USB or LSB voice mode, or cw mode. The frequency range is 1.6 MHz to 12.999 MHz and it has 10 preset channels. The radio is measured 270mm X 200mm X 66mm with battery, weights 5.6 kg with header and 2.4 meter antenna and carrying backpack.

The output power is 5 Watts, supplied by 12 V rechargeable batteries. The communication range is between 5 to 10 km using 12.4 meter antenna depending on the frequency used. When using 15 meter wire antenna, range could be longer than 80 km when using a higher frequency.

Since it is light-weighted and easy to operate, troops like it very much.  Further development of this radio add a frequency agile module, and this upgraded radio was formally adopted by Chinese military as TBR-133 shortwave SSB radio.