TBR-142 (I) Artillery VHF transceiver

The information about this TBR-142 (I) is very limited. Here is what I got from the net: TBR-142 artillery communication system contains three major devices, TBR-142(I) VHF transceiver, TBR-142(II) control device and TBR-142(IIID) multi-function field telephone. It is designed to equip the artillery front line observation post, individual artillery squad. It could achieve voice or date communicate wired or wireless between command center, observation posts and artillery units within 20Km.

TBR-142(II) has a telephone built in, using together with TBR-142(I) radio, it could achieve the communication wired or wireless and switch between these two modes automatically. Please keep in mind that wired communication is still the primary communication method for PLA artillery units.

The TBR-142 (I) works within 40.000 to 59.975MHz with output power of 1 Watt or 0.3 Watt selectable. It is powered by a 12 V DC battery or external 12V DC power source. It measures 220x130x57, and weight about 1.2 kg without battery. It has a three level voice volume control with squelch mode. It is stated that it uses a 1 meter antenna; however, I could not find one. I use the 1.3 meter rod type antenna borrowed from my TBR-115 set. The headset is the same one as that for BWT-133 and TBR-120 radios.

TBR-142 has two versions. My sample is a later version one with a serial number of 990203, which means it was made in 1999. The only difference I could tell between early and late versions is how the frequency is set. The early version use 4 set of buttons (2 buttons for each set, one for increasing the other one to for decreasing the number) to set frequency, its reading in a small window. The later version, as you could see, is controlled by four knobs. So far, I know only three occasions that TBR-142 became available. From this, I assume that it is still in active service with PLA artillery units.


  1. Any shortwave radio transceiver in your collection?

  2. Check my collection list,
    I have Silicon 2W, 81 Compact C, 10W SSB, BWT-133 SSB.