862 Gunner’s Radio Transceiver

Several years after early gunner’s radio project was cancelled, the project was resumed in mid 70s’. It is the result of continue great pressure from the USSR. To better coordinate the anti-tank guns in the field, China needs better communication equipments other than field telephones. The radio was developing at the same time as that of the 861 radio but with different group. The radio, called 862 gunner’s radio, was certified in late 70s’. An improved version, 862A, was introduced later in early 80s’.

This gunner’s radio transceiver is designed to be carried by artillery gunners, especially the anti-tank gunners. It is light weighted, only about 2.2 kg with antenna, battery and headset. and measured 170x135x55 mm. It has 10 channels (34.25, 34.35, 34.45, 34.55, 34.65 and 34.75 MHz) controlled by six crystals. It requires no search and no fine tune, so it could be operated by anyone with minimum training. It is more or less the same radio as the early gunner’s radio. The only operable switches/knobs are the channel switch and a volume control knob.

The radio uses a 0.5 meter whip antenna. An external wire antenna could also be used in place of the 0.5 meter whip antenna. The earphone and microphone are built into a hat and connect to a small power switch control box and then connect to the radio body. Unlike that of 861 serious, there is no volume control built onto the PTT control, instead, there is a volume control knob on top of the radio. Unlike 861, 862 radio does not have a CW mode.

The radio is powered by a 13V Type 861 alkaline unit battery. With a 1:3 transmitting/receive ratio, the unit battery could last 6 hours. A battery holder, which holding 20 AA size batteries, is also supplied in case that unit battery is not available.
The radio output power is about 0.3W. The stated range is 2.5 km in a flat field. My sample is made in 1983 with a manufactory serial number of 833808.

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